The Eclectic Collections

“The Eclectic Collections” for Men and Women is a fruit of three years of intense work and twenty five years of experience. This “Dream Team” of fragrances is designed to fulfill every wish and desire of every man and woman who would not settle for anything less than the best. With wide varieties of premium scents, every sophisticated and cosmopolitan person will find a fragrance to match the mood and time of day. Selections start from a fresh scent to mild and to a lasting scent for the whole day, since most of fragrances produced by our luxurious division, is made in an ‘Eau de Perfume’ concentration

The raw material from a reputable European company that has been creating perfume oils for over 100 years!

The cardinal, original decision when the project was born, was to create an upscale product, and still get to the end user without over charging.

The outcome is SO GOOD, It’s worth committing Six out of Seven sins… GOOD

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